Best Boat Shops in Coral Gables

Best Boat Shops in Coral Gables

boat shops in coral gables

Coral Gables is a stunning seaside city situated a few miles southwest of Downtown Miami. It is an ever-so-popular destination for its Mediterranean Revival architecture that pairs well with its many plazas and parks. And being adjacent to the sea means it is a place to enjoy various water activities. If you own a boat or yacht, visit one of these exceptional boat shops in Coral Gables for your boating needs.

Go-To Boat Shops in Coral Gables

West Marine Store

The West Marine Store is your go-to place for boating and other marine supplies here in Coral Gables. This chain is found in several locations in the area, containing a wide selection of boating parts, accessories, fishing supplies, and equipment. They have a great selection of products and excellent customer service. So whenever you’re in the area and need parts to repair your boat or fishing reels, West Marine has what you need.

El Capitan Marine & Fishing Center

A tackle and fishing accessories center since 1973, El Capitan Marine & Fishing is here to provide South Florida with all marine and fishing necessities. Their catalog of products ranges from safety kits, navigation instruments, fishing rods and tackle, anchoring devices, and equipment for paddle and watersport. They have a great selection of anything you might need. If El Capitan Marine & Fishing Center doesn’t have it in stock, they can order it for you. And if they can’t get it, you don’t need it!

Hopkins-Carter Marine

This full-service fishing tackle and marine supply store has been serving the anglers and yachtmen of South Florida since 1916. They pride themselves on supplying their customers with nothing but the highest quality of boating and fishing equipment. Their store features electronic instruments, watersport gear, kayaks, and fishing apparel to help you set up a day on the bay. They also offer fishing rod and reel repairs. Hopkins-Carter Marine values an honest business for the customers they serve, sharing the steadfast love of the sport with all that visit their place.

Coral Gables is a popular destination for tourism. The popularity of fishing and watersports here is a big draw to the area, so if you ever need new equipment or repair, don’t be afraid to visit any of these fine establishments. You’ll be glad you did.

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