Michelin-Starred Restaurants Around Miami 

Michelin-Starred Restaurants Around Miami 

michelin-starred restaurants around miami

Miami is known for fine dining, and after years of service, several Miami restaurants have achieved the prestigious Michelin star. Additionally, a Michelin star rating represents the best dining in the region where it’s awarded. These stars have helped diners in Europe locate the best places to dine. So this article will list some excellent Michelin-starred restaurants around Miami.

4 Most Prestigious Michelin-Starred Restaurants Around Miami

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon

151 NE 41st St, Miami – (305) 402-9070

In 2022, L’Atelier received the honor of being the first Miami restaurant to receive 2 Michelin Stars. In addition, Joël Robuchon founded this restaurant and provided a service that combines an exquisite atmosphere with delectable cuisines. While Chef Robuchon passed away in 2018, his protégés carry on his authentic French dishes alongside ever-changing seasonal specialties that utilize local and regional ingredients.


3540 Main Hwy, Coconut Grove – (786) 615-3747

Ariete is a Coconut Grove restaurant specializing in American and Cuban cuisine. The owner and executive chef of the place, Michael Beltran, had his roots in Miami. So, after having French culinary training, he sought to express his Cuban-American roots through his cooking. So his restaurant provides a warm, family-friendly atmosphere, serving food ranging from traditional meals to extraordinary twists on familiar dishes. While Ariete isn’t in Miami, it’s only a stone’s throw away, and the food is fantastic!


3900 NE 2nd Ave, Miami – (305) 434-4668

Having a Michelin Star and a James Beard Award nomination, COTE is a state-of-the-art Korean steakhouse offering fantastic service with its award-winning steak and cocktails. Its energetic New York City-style atmosphere combines the exciting fire of Korean barbeque with the class of an American steakhouse. Additionally, enjoy restaurant staples like the Butcher’s Feast, which features the chef’s favorite four cuts of meat, offered with a variety of Korean side dishes.

The Surf Club Restaurant

9011 Collins Ave, Surfside – (305) 768-9440

If comfort food is what you’re looking for, come to The Surf Club Restaurant. Chef Thomas Keller’s restaurant specializes in continental cuisine that honors its site’s history, paired dramatically with a sophisticated atmosphere with a beachside view. Additionally, you’ll find classics like True Ribeye, Beef Wellington, Lobster Thermidor, and more delectable choices, all impressively showcased.

2022 has been a fantastic year for Miami restaurants. Plenty more restaurants in Miami received the honorary Michelin Star and a handful of other restaurants received the prestigious Bib Gourmand award. So there’s no lack of fine dining in the Miami area. Happy eating!

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