The JMK Difference

If you are selling your home, the JMK team will handle every detail to help you get the most out of your sale. We will be present throughout the entire process from the initial valuation to the listing, appraisals, finding the right buyer, and the closing. We value professionalism and privacy for our clients.

Vertically Integrated Business Model

What makes JMK Real Estate Agents stand out against other agencies is our vertically integrated business model. Operating under JMK Group, JMK Real Estate Agents works alongside 4 other companies that compliment and accelerate each other. We go beyond the sale. Through our Property Investment division, we can help you expand and diversify your portfolio. When you’re ready to close in on a deal, we can represent you through our brokerage. Once your property is acquired, we can help renovate, maintain, and fully manage your new real estate through our Property Management and General Contracting companies. Our business relationship doesn’t end at closing. JMK Group offers a comprehensive solution for investors to diversify, buy, sell, manage, and flip their properties through our guidance and expertise in our fields.

Real Estate Investment

We will help you locate the best opportunities

Real Estate

We will help you buy or sell a property

Property Management

We will help you manage and maintain your property

General Contracting

We will help you renovate your property to increase its value

Our Specialties

We specialize in luxury and waterfront residential real estate and have developed a unique set of marketing tools to aid in selling these properties, all within the pillars of our vertically integrated business model. With our construction division at JMK Contractor, we can also offer remodeling services for your property to any extent so you can get the best return on your investment. Our Property Management company can also serve you in managing your properties in every aspect. Best of all, we leverage our extensive global network of investors and buyers to give your property the most visibility, instantly. We’re deeply connected with our list of buyers that are ready to pull the trigger when the right opportunity arises, and marketing proves to be the single-most effective tool in selling luxury real estate.

Local Expertise

We leverage over 25 years of real estate experience combined with operations in property management, general contracting and investment to strengthen our expertise and relationships in the Miami area.

How do we market your property?

We take the stress out of selling your property. Our marketing techniques and management of the sale process will gain you the best possible result for your property, which will be hassle-free for you!

A Glimpse Of Our Team

Mehdi Khachani

Founder, Licensed Broker

Jessica Khachani JMK Real Estate Agents Miami

Jessica Khachani

Co-Founder, Realtor

Diana Garcia

Real Estate Agent

Amber Kemp

Operations Manager

We Can Help You

We are here to make the process of acquiring a building process seamless.

At JMK RE, we value our customers, and our experts can help you get all the permits and approvals needed to complete your projects. Contact us now at 305-676-7647, and we will get in touch with FREE Consultation