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Best Halloween Events in Coral Gables 

halloween events in coral gables

Halloween is right around the corner, and people are preparing for spooky decor and fun costumes. The residents of Coral Gables look forward to this holiday every year. There is so much to do, from trick-or-treating for the kids to holiday parties for adults! This article will introduce you to some of the upcoming Halloween events in Coral Gables. Plan your costume and get ready for a good time!

Upcoming Halloween Events in Coral Gables

Annual Biltmore Halloween Party

October 28 at 8:00 pm

The 9th Annual Biltmore Halloween Party is right around the corner! The luxurious Biltmore Hotel is an excellent setting for a celebration. 

This Halloween event features a buffet dinner and an open bar. Its main highlight is the costume contest hosted by the hotel’s selected celebrity judges. The competition will have categories for Best Couple, Most Creative handmade costume, and Best Group (maximum of 6 people). It’s an exciting event that hotel patrons shouldn’t miss.

Halloween Haunted Mansion Party

October 29 at 7:00 pm

The Halloween Haunted Mansion Party is an event hosted by the Coral Gables Woman’s Club

The event features an open bar, good food, and a grand costume contest. Partygoers can also expect music from DJ Germain. The costume contest will give prizes to winners in three categories: Best Pair, Best Group, and Most Unique Costume. This event’s ticket is $100, which covers the open bar and food. The money raised will support Coral Gables’ Children’s Dental. It is a party and a charity event at the same time!

Haunted Circus Festival: Spooky Wonderland

September 15 to October 30

Check out Miami’s Haunted Circus Festival: Spooky Wonderland. This spectacular carnival event is a 15-minute drive from Coral Gables, located at Tropical Park, Miami. 

It is the area’s largest and most glamorous Halloween celebration. It features stunning live performances, carnival rides and games, petting zoos, face painting, and more. This Halloween event is fun for people of all ages!

Halloween is almost here, and everyone’s excited to finally feel the fun, spooky aura amid the autumn breeze. Check out these Halloween events in Coral Gables to make your holiday celebration more exciting. They’ll guarantee a thrilling and exciting Halloween experience.

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