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Best Self Storage Companies in Miami FL 

self storage companies in miami

Over the decades, Miami has experienced significant results due to the booming tourism industry. Many have even moved to Miami to enjoy this beautiful city all year. Moving takes a lot of work, and you might need storage to get your new home in order. Thankfully, these self-storage companies in Miami can keep your belongings safe. Whether new in town or a lifelong resident, these self-storage services can be useful.

Safe and Secure Self Storage Companies in Miami

BoxVault Self Storage

123 SW North River Drive – 305-697-5546

If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art storage facility in Miami, look no further than BoxVault Self Storage. This self-storage operator offers convenient features like climate control, individual door alarms, covered loading and unloading, month-to-month leases, and more. You can also rent storage units ranging from 25 to 300 square feet. People who chose BoxVault Self Storage appreciate the clean, well-maintained facilities and friendly staff. 

Safeguard Self Storage

515 Northwest 36th Street – 305-434-7169

Safeguard Self Storage is a self-storage company with facilities in over 80 locations across the United States. Eleven of their facilities can be found in Miami, each providing tight security for your belongings. Their facilities have individual door alarms, air conditioning, and security cameras. This company has an excellent reputation for providing safe and secure storage. They also have highly trained staff ready to aid with moving and deliveries.

Xtra Storage Companies

601 SW 8th Street – 305-257-9307

Xtra Storage Companies is a family-owned and operated self-storage company in Miami. They have over 4 locations in the area. 

This company has a reputation for customer service. They like to work closely with customers to ensure the perfect storage solution. They’ve maintained a good record of storing property for over 30 years. Customers can take advantage of different unit sizes and air-conditioned units. The team from Xtra Storage Companies prides itself on making storage simple and affordable.

Finding the proper storage solution can protect your property when you move. You might even need long-term storage if you have items you don’t want or can’t fit in your home. If you need storage in Miami, contact one of these service providers. They all have strong reputations.

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