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Millennials slowly lose the “Miami” they Grew up in. The real estate shows it

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Millennials slowly lose the “Miami” they Grew up in. The real estate shows it

It’s not that we don’t appreciate the aesthetically progressive transformation occurring in the city that saw us grow up, it’s just that they’re taking everything!

The breakdown started slowly with the demise of Coco Walk. The end of Oxygen, Café Two to Tango, followed by Crazy Pianos, Wet Willies, and a plethora of other pretty popular establishments to a certain age group. The cars stopped slow riding through the neighborhood and without a real warning, Coco Walk as we knew it became part of our past.

We moved on to Brickell, a – then – slowly growing neighborhood that not only offered us new trendy bars and provided us – Latino kids – with clubs showcasing music representative of our roots. We could dance until 4am and eat-back the calories at Moon Restaurant and end the night with a BANG!

Places like Tu Candela, Baru, Tobacco Road, Red Bar, Blue Martini, and Fado all make part of our youthful memories. Sadly, deep into our adulthood, we get to witness new developments invade our memorable spaces. Extreme increases in commercial leases have also aided the expiration of other Miami hot spots, i.e., Van Dyke.  More recently, word on the street says that Mary Brickell Village is going DOWN and will be replaced by a high-rise (shocker). We learned about the sale that transferred ownership of Mary Brickell Village to RPT Realty in July of this year, so I was already expecting the death sentence of Blue Martini, I just didn’t think it was going to be for another skyscraper! (Rumor, not yet fully confirmed).

Despite feeling nostalgic for the memories created in our 20s, in a city that is the epitome of never-ending revolutionary change, I’m enthused to be a part of it ALL. As an investor/realtor with a business and an office on Lincoln Road, I do feel privileged to have a front seat to Miami’s makeover show, and I invite you all to also be a part of it via City Community Meetings.

ONE wish here is that builders remember to give us space to create new experiences. There needs to be a balance between high-rises and living spaces. Think NYC guys! Where the 1st floor of building becomes store front(s), restaurant(s), nail shops, etc. The residents you keep building for need areas outside of their apartments for… living! ::whisper:: think infrastructure too!::

This article is dedicated to Purdy Lounge. Forever in our Hearts, RIP.


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