JMK Real Estate Agents

Paola Jaramillo

Real Estate Agent

As she now joins the JMK family, Paola Jaramillo is bringing all her proven talent as a very successful entrepreneur, which she developed at a very early age of 19 in her native Colombia, where she successfuly launched several business.
Among them, she was involved in Real Estate Sales, taking advantage of her great communications skills. Later on, she moved to New York City, to continue with her international success and quickly conquered such a highly competitive market.

Paola with her personalized service, business background and personal warmth, will devote all her attention and talent to either finding the most suitable property for all your family requirements, or to finding the most profitable investment property for you.

In either case, she will relentlessly see you through the whole process from beginning to end and she also has the expertise to manage, remodel and even later on sell the property for you, as she has done for all her highly satisfied clients in the past.