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Relocating to Miami? A Quick Guide – Part 2

relocating to miami

If you’re still here, it’s safe to say that Part 1 of our guide when relocating to Miami piqued your interest. Good choice. Moving is a lot to take in at once, so having some guidance can be helpful. If you missed Part 1, click here. For Part 2, we’ll show you how you can get around the town, what other service providers you’ll need, and more. Let’s get started!

What You Need To Do Before Relocating to Miami

Set up your transportation options

There are dozens of ways to get around Miami, including Metrorail, Metromover, and Metrobus.

Getting on the Metrorail is a fast and inexpensive way to get from the Miami International Airport (MIA) through Downtown Miami to South Miami. It’s also the cheapest way to get around if you only go to one or two stops.

If you’re planning to explore Downtown Miami, Metromover is the best option. Not only is it free, but it also serves as a connection between Metrorail and Metrobus.

When you can’t reach your desired destination by Metrorail or Metromover, ride on a Metrobus. You can buy an Easy Card for monthly passes or an Easy Ticket if you rarely visit Miami.

Find your local bank and healthcare providers

Miami has plenty of banks, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding one that fits your needs and budget. The same goes for healthcare providers.

Bank of AmericaRegions Bank, and Iberia Bank are a few of the leading banks in Miami.

When it comes to healthcare providers in Miami, you have plenty of options. Make sure you know what your insurance plan covers. Find out which doctors’ offices and medical care facilities belong to your in-network providers, so you don’t incur higher rates for out-of-network services.

Find a job

Chances are, if you’re relocating to the Miami area, you’ve already got a job lined up, but if not, Miami is a bustling city with plenty of opportunities for job seekers. The city’s population is growing, and its economy is booming, with unemployment steadily declining.

Some of the best organizations to work for in the area include:

Ready to move to Miami?

With this quick guide in your pocket, you should be well-equipped to start your Miami relocation on the right foot. Do your research, add a few things to this list, and you’ll be ready for life in Miami before you know it.

And if you’re considering moving here but still have questions about what it’s like living in Miami, call us at 305-850-6433 or click here for our contact page—we’d be glad to help!

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